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Saliris Resort Spa & Conference Hotel Egerszalók

Saliris Resort Medicinal and Wellness Spa has welcomed guests since 14 July 2007. The spa, constructed at the base of a special terraced limestone formation created by medicinal water running down the side of a hill, and the versatile, high-quality medical and wellness services are unique offerings in the region.

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Cascade Cave Spa & Aquapark Demjén

The Cascade Cave Spa is a bath created in a built cave, having a 68 °C medicinal water - a tens of thousands of years old-, erupting from 690 m deep. In the underground corridors everything can be found for a joyful bathing – from the stalactite pools of warm water caves to the water slide world of the 21st century

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Demjén Thermal Bath & Spa

Demjén Thermal Spa and Wellness the Spa in four seasons!

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Nostalgia Spa Egerszalók

Many people gladly recall the 70s and 80s, when they enjoyed the refreshing effects of Egerszalók's medicinal waters in romantic surroundings

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Thermal Park Hotel Egerszalók

Enjoy the beneficial effect of our medicinal water!

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Arabic Bath House in the Shiraz Hotel Egerszalók

The most magical part of the sumptuous wellness adventure is the Arabic Bath House.

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