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Európai Regionális fejlesztési Alap

Demjén: Church of Saint Antony of Padua

In the Church of Saint Antony of Padua in Demjén nice stone carvings traditional in the village can be seen.


Demjén: Hegyeskő-tető/top

Mysterious „beehive- stones” are on the top of the hill above the hotel and bath complex in Demjén Thermal Valley, the can be approached on a path


Demjén: Kőhodály

In the north-eastern edge of the village there is a monumental-size stone shed carved in the southern side of Hegyeskő, now covered with shrubs.


Demjén: Remetelak/ Hermit-home

A nice example to show dwelling function is rock-room of Hermit-home in the north-western border of the settlement carved in a side valley of Laskó stream.


Demjén: Sírkert/ Graveyard

The local cemetery has several richly carved stone tombstones from the end of 19th, beginning of 20th century representing the great past of local stone carving.


Egerszalók: Betyárbújó kaptárkő/ Highwaymen's hiding beehive stone

„Beehive stones” are a major tourist attraction at the foot of the Bükk mountains, due to their special formations and still mysterious original use.


Egerszalók: Cave dwellings

Rhyolit tuff stone of the upper layer of the rocks at the foot of Bükk mountains from the valley of Tarna river to Miskolc is easy to cut and carve, so it was much utilised by our forefathers. cellars, dwellings, stables, sheds were carved in it and the cultivated stone was used for building houses.


Egerszalók: Salt hill

Egerszalók's real attraction, on the southern side of the village, is the thermal spring erupting from deep in the earth and limestone hill created by water runoff, which over the years has come to be known as "salt hill."


Egerszalók: Tourist Information Office and Vernacular Room

In Valley of Spas Tourist Information Office you can find a vernicular room with an exhibition of dolls in traditional costumes.


Egerszólát: Brezovay mansion

Brezovay – mansion was built in the second half of the 18th century. The historic mansion was built in 1773 by Sándor Csenus.
Before the nationalization it was owned by Brezovay family, that is why it is now called Brezovay mansion.


Egerszólát: Roman Catholic Church

The ruins of the medieval church of Egerszólát, situated in Alsószólát were still mentioned in 1829.


Egerszólát: Szórád manor

Szórád manor was built in 1886 in Egerszólát next to Brezovay mansion and was home of the common crier of Egerszólát for a century. It was renovated in its original style in 2006. You can see and enjoy its original charm, it functions as a guesthouse.

The lake of Egerszalók

This lake is the largest one in the region of Bükkalja, it is almost 120 acres. It is absolutely suitable for fishing. You can buy tickets for fishing in the Thermal Panzió in Egerszalók, all through the day.





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