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 Egerszalók látképValley of Recreating Spas

The Valley of Spas is a region lying in the valley of the Laskó Stream between the Mátra and the Bükk Mountains surrounding the three settlements - Egerszalók, Demjén and Egerszólát. With its natural resources, tasty wines, gastronomic events, fine thermal waters to enjoy them even at night bathing and stone formations the area provides excellent entertainment for visitors.

An extraordinary sight of Egerszalók is the thermal spring bubbling up from about four hundred meters below. It is a 27000-year-old, 68-degree thermal water with unique composition. The salt sediment of the water has created a mystic world on the surface around the spring because the water flowing down the hillside has formed special limestone terraces unique in the world. The lime tuff cone covered with a billowing white mist is an admirable sight. The Saliris Resort Spa and Wellness Bath built at the foot of this natural oddity provides many different high quality medical and wellness services, excellent for rheumatic diseases and after-surgery rehabilitation.

The beehive stones and cave dwellings carved in rhyolitic tuff can be visited while taking a short trip. In the vicinity a Butterfly museum can also be found.

Valley of Spas Touristic Information Office was opened in the centre of the village in a former farmhouse. A vernacular museum can also be visited here where you can get information about the past and present of the settlements. In its yard there is a local producers’ market every Saturday and it is also the scene of cultural events.

The picturesque hilly region of Demjén Thermal Valley may have been created by God in his good mood! – as the Hungarians say it. You can have even a romantic night bathing in its mosaic covered, terraced thermal bath. In one part of the valley Hotel Cascade Resort & Spa is awaiting guests, while in another part a special Cave Bath is built opened at the end of 2013.

You will have a great time in Egerszólát if you are longing for village tranquility and what else should you taste but Italian Riesling from Egerszólát.

At the settlements of the Valley of Spas you can find a wide choice of accommodation from simple rural accommodation to four-star wellness hotels. Our winemakers are waiting for you with fragrant wines in peculiar rhiolite tuff cellars.

All through the year there are several gastronomic events to reveal the culinary skills of the locals. It is worth coming and tasting…

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